Central office

Akhmatov Shukhrat Makhmudovich
Tel: 71-207-99-95

Main responsibilities: ensuring compliance with legislation in the information sphere, initiating and developing regulations in the field of state support for media development, as well as participation in addressing information security issues. 

Saidov Akhror Azamovich

Tel: 71-207-99-95


Main responsibilities: providing information and analytical support to activities of the Agency's management, monitoring, interaction with state authorities on information and crisis management response.

Sattiyeva Kamila Ilkhamovna

Tel: 71-244-23-17

Main responsibilities: organization of international cooperation with ministries, foreign agencies and international organizations in the field of mass communications, publishing, printing, information and library services. 

Khusanov Jasur Ruhiddinovich

Tel: 71-244-31-85
E-mail: j.husanov@aimc.uz

Main responsibilities: ensuring transparency in the activities of government agencies and other organizations, maintaining the culture of open dialogue with the media for civil servants, including coordination and methodological support for the activities of press services. 

Akabirov Azamat Muzaffarovich

Tel: 71-244-24-09


Main responsibilities: developing and maintaining a positive image of the Agency, organizing press conferences, briefings, preparation and transmission to the media official communications, press releases, comments and clarifications. Preparation of written and oral comments on the requests of the media regarding the activities of the organization, timely updating of information on the official website of the Agency and on pages in social networks. 

Umarov Tokhir Timurovich

Tel: 71-244-12-61

Main responsibilities: providing broad information coverage of the reforms in the Republic of Uzbekistan in foreign media, social networks, media platforms, forums, conferences; strategic communication, publications, building a positive image of the country, active promotion and raising awareness of the country’s brand, strengthening of investment and tourist attractiveness of Uzbekistan.

Parpiev Mamurjon Makhmudovich

Tel: 71-244-23-05

Main responsibilities: strengthening the role of the mass media, creating equal conditions on the media market, developing measures to support the state media, forming a sustainable mechanism of interaction and cooperation between the mass media, developing socially significant projects and monitoring the implementation of regulatory legal acts in the field of media. 

Mukhiddinov Fatkhiddin Fazliddinovich 

Tel: 71-244-25-28
E-mail: f.muxiddnov@aimc.uz

Main responsibilities: organization of the execution of legislative acts and orders, decisions and orders approved by the Agency's leadership, aimed at coordinating the activities of regional departments, implementation of approved programs and plans by regions in a timely manner, development and capacity building of local media and publishing and printing industry in the regions, as well as other functions related to the effective operation of the Agency's regional offices. 

Urunov Shavkat Hikmatovich

Tel: 71-244-33-81
E-mail: sh_urunov@aimc.uz

Main responsibilities: organization of licensing of publishing activities, state registration of mass media, registration of printing houses, control over compliance with the legislation in the field of mass media, publishing and printing activities, participation in the development of draft regulatory legal acts in the field of registration and licensing of information market participants.

Tursunov Kobiljon Turgunovich

Tel: 71-244-23-72

Main responsibilities: development and participation in the implementation of the state policy in the field of book publishing and trade, information and library activities, creation and implementation of program measures in the field of bookselling, improving the culture of reading, promotion of electronic and audio books, implementation of organizational and methodological guidance, coordination of research and development, scientific and methodological work of information and library institutions, capacity building in the information and library services.

Erkaboev Shukhrat Sobirovich

Tel: 71-244-57-65
E-mail: buhgalteriya@aimc.uz

Main responsibilities: responsible for accounting of assets, liabilities and business operations, participates in the development and implementation of measures aimed at compliance with financial regulations and efficient use of the Agency's resources. 

Hasanov Sahib Sadikovich

Tel: 71-244-23-80
E-mail: info@aimc.uz

Main responsibilities: control and analysis of execution of laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, decrees, resolutions and orders of the President and Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, resolutions of the chambers of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan, ensuring implementation of resolutions and decisions of the Agency’s management by departments, structural subdivisions and system organizations; supervises the consideration of oral and written appeals of individuals and legal entities in the order and within the time limits established by law. 

Mirhosilov Mirzohid Mirhosilovich

Tel: 71-244-38-85
E-mail: m.mirhosilov@aimc.uz

Main responsibilities: development and implementation of information and communication technologies in the Agency, development of an integrated approach to information security policy and compliance with its implementation measures, ensuring uninterrupted operation of technical, hardware and software data protection tools, website, information and communication management systems.

Suleymanova Ilvira Ramilievna

Tel: 71-244-32-57
E-mail: hr@aimc.uz

Main responsibilities: coordinating the human resources issues, staffing of the institution with workers and employees of the required professions, specialties and qualifications in accordance with the objectives, strategy and profile of the institution. 

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